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Skills Development


You are a medium-sized business with between 50 and 500 employees. You either don’t have
your own training department or it’s not giving the service you think you should have. You
would be more productive if your staff were better trained and communicated more effectively
with one another.

We are offering you a complete, outsourced training service, developing and managing your
training requirements including:

Assessing your workforce

You need to pinpoint skills deficits which are affecting performance and productivity. We conduct a skills analysis of your staff or work with you to develop the analysis you already have. By comparing existing skills sets with job responsibilities and scope, we enable you to find and act on those crucial deficits.

Designing your training strategy and agreeing it with you

You need a training strategy which targets key staff with appropriate training interventions. We develop that strategy and agree it with you

Designing training programmes to achieve your strategic goals

You need training programmes which deliver measurable results with minimal interruption to operational requirements. We design programmes and training delivery modes to meet those needs.

Developing and maintaining your training structures

You need to ensure that you get buy-in from your staff so that they participate willingly and wholeheartedly in the programmes. We set up and service structures to achieve this.

Sourcing and quality assuring your training provision

You need training providers to deliver quality training interventions that meet your real operational needs, not 'off the shelf' offerings designed simply to qualify for SETA points. We have been delivering training for more than 25 years. We know the difference and will safeguard quality on your behalf.

Completing all the documentation required to maximise your return from the SETA

You pay 1% of your wage bill to your SETA. You need to make sure you get as much as possible back. As well as dealing with the basic requirements of your Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report, we explore all other possible avenues of possible benefit, from discretionary grants to learnerships.